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Photowalk – Downtown Vancouver, British Columbia

March 17, 2018

During a recent trip to Vancouver, I met with  Elizabeth Gray.  Elizabeth is a Vancouver-based photographer with two passions . . . teaching and photography. As Canadian photographers, we like to compare notes and techniques, so we spent a couple hours shooting in the mild drizzle and mist; after all, this is Vancouver! Here are … Read more


March 7, 2018

One of my collaborators in the UK suggested I join ITWPA. Say what? . . . That was my response. Well, ITWPA stands for International Travel Writers and Photographers Alliance. This is a forum where like members gain credibility, credentials and confidence in travel writing and photography.

Fire & Ice Celebration – Clayton, NY

March 3, 2018

For the second year in a row, I attended the Fire & Ice Festival at the 1000 Islands Harbor Hotel in Clayton, NY.  This event was held February 15-17, from which a portion of the proceeds goes to the “North Country Troopers Assisting Troops”. Over 20,000 pounds of ice was carved into various sculptures and … Read more

Bay of Islands, New Zealand

November 15, 2017

On our second to last port of call. My excursion for today was a walk to the top of a volcano on Rangitoto Island . . . about 800 steps!

Auckland, New Zealand & Rangitoto Island

November 14, 2017

Having survived a day at sea, partying into the wee hours of this morning, we arrived in Auckland around 08:00. The indigenous Maori first called their home “Tmaki Makaurau, a maiden with a hundred lovers!  Nestled between two harbours, this fertile volcanic land must have been iresistable to the early European settlers.  With its cool, … Read more

Akaroa / Christchurch, New Zealand

November 12, 2017

On November 12th, we sailed into Akaroa, uniquely the only French colonial settlement in New Zealand.  Set on a stunning waterfront and surrounded by craggy volcanic landforms, it is a relaxed and pleasant town, 82 kilometres from Christchurch City. In the afternoon, I took an excursion into the countryside to visit a sheep farm located … Read more

Dunedin, New Zealand

November 11, 2017

On Day 5 of our cruise, which was November 11th, we sailed into Dunedin, New Zealand.  Sealing and whaling may have brought the first Europeans to the Otago Peninsula, but it was religion that brought about the town.  In 1848, a group of Presbyterian Scots founded the settlement and named it Dunedin . . . … Read more

Milford Sound, NZ – Doubtful Sound, NZ – Dusky Sound, NZ

November 10, 2017

What’s the difference between a Sound and a Fjord?  We didn’t know either, but we found out today while we cruised through these 3 sounds. A Sound is created by a river and a Fjord is created by a glacier. When these 3 sounds were discovered, they were  mistakenly named a Sound because it was … Read more

Sydney, Australia

November 5, 2017

Sylvia and I have a bucket list of worldwide destinations to visit.  We have been to most, but Australia and New Zealand are still there.  We finally made arrangements to take a cruise to visit “downunder”.  We flew for 5-1/2 hours from Ottawa to Vancouver, laid over for 3 hours, then flew directly to Sydney … Read more