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Rick Ogrodzinski

My first encounter with a camera was at the age of 10 years; I borrowed my mother’s little “Brownie”. I took “snaps” of mostly family members and family events. The results of my labour were only known after I picked up the photographs from the local neighbourhood drugstore in Montreal, Quebec, a week later.

In the following years, I experimented with my father’s Kodak “something or other” camera, which required a flashbulb inserted if light was needed to take an otherwise unexposed photograph. I remember removing the “hot” bulb too quickly on many occasions. By now, it was the 1970s and I drifted away from any active photography pursuits.

In the early 80s, I was introduced to my first SLR camera by a good friend in Edmonton Alberta, where I lived for a few years. I acquired a Pentax ME Super; I loved that camera because it was easy to operate and produced wonderful results.  Again, most of my “shooting” centred around family and friends.

Since those inauspicious beginnings, my camera equipment has evolved. I also started to expand my photography horizon to include travel and street shooting, landscapes and wildlife and events.

Learning by doing

Since I haven’t had any formal photography training, perhaps it took me somewhat longer to “learn” techniques. I have taken seminars in Canada and USA, but most of my learning has come from just doing it!

I lived in Calgary, Alberta from 2007 to 2016. Living in Calgary allowed me to gain valuable experience in shooting vast landscapes and wildlife.  In October 2016, I relocated to Portland-on-the-Rideau, Ontario. This province, with its 1000’s of pristine lakes and wilderness will afford me an additional perspective on landscape. Eastern Ontario is an older part of Canada, with many generations of families still living there. I am looking forward to working with these generations, creating memories they can keep for a lifetime.

My equipment has also changed. I have been a Canon-guy for quite some time. I did have a Canon 5D Mk III and various ‘L’ – type lenses. As I grew older and carried this large DSLR all over the world, it did take its toll on my physical well-being.

Also in 2016, I took the leap to mirrorless camera technology. I sold my Canon 5D and purchased a Fuji X-T1. Most recently, I have also added an X-70 compact camera.

This website will hopefully give you a taste of my photography style and skills and I plan to regularly add new content. Please enjoy it!

I always welcome your comments and I hope we may work together in the future.

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