My faves of 2019 and moving into 2020!

This is my first post of 2020 and I present my personal 10 favourite photos of the year. These photographs will not necessarily be the ones which were most-popular on Facebook, Instagram or my blog. They even may have not appeared in any of these media at all; these are my personal favourites! I will try to include photos of various genres, but overlap will be evident.  You will notice in this first post that “The Street” and “Travel” are predominant.  My goal is to expand my genre horizon and be a “Visual Storyteller“.  In this post, I have added “Faces & Figures” and “Community“.

As I review the photographs I made in 2019, I am happy to see a consistent improvement in my work.  I have invested more time into my passion for photography and truly believe I am improving composition when I am out shooting.  This consistent improvement has allowed me to post-process less afterwards to “make a nice image”.

I spent 3 weeks developing this selection; it was very challenging! I chose them for a variety of reasons . . . the colour . . . something new . . . maybe glamorous . . . maybe thought-provoking . . . WHATEVER!  During these 3 weeks, I was also on a steep learning curve having adopted Capture One as my processing engine.  Although all photo-processing software programs have similar tools, each has its own idiosyncrasies which need to be learned.

Let’s take a look at my favourite 10 images from 2019 and as always, I welcome your comments, questions and observations. Please enjoy!!!

The Street & Environment

Gazing at all the sights New York City has to offer! X-T3, ISO 400, 1/6,000s, f/2.5
Magnificent skyscrapers reaching into the New York City skyline! X-T3, ISO 160, 1/600s, f/8.0
“The boxer” on the street in NYC! X-T3, ISO 160, 1/125s, f/1.4

Travel Far & Wide

Azamara Journey lighting up the Aegean Sea sky! X-70, ISO 2000, 1/15s, f/2.8
Former windmills, now AirBnB accommodations in Patmos, Greece. X-T3, ISO 160, 1/600s, f/8.0
Outdoor theatre in Ephesus, Turkey. X-T3, ISO 1600, 1/18s, f/2.8
Oceanside in Blackhead, Newfoundland-Labrador. X-70, ISO 400, 1/500s, f/14

Faces & Figures

Natural glamour! X-T1, ISO 400, 1/500s, f/14


Smoking skewers at the Chinatown Market in Ottawa, Ontario. X-T30, ISO 250, 1/125s, f/3.6
Sunset at a marina on Big Rideau Lake, Portland, Ontario. X-T30, ISO 160, 2s, f/14

Into 2020 . . .

So that was 2019!

As we move into 2020, you will see more blogposts from me.  I will add more-frequent posts to social media as well . . . Facebook . . . Instagram.  I realize that we are all busy and time is precious.  Sometimes it might be easier to view my work on those mediums; I hear you.  I too will continue to face challenges with my time as I move towards retiring from my full-time exciting career, managing projects in hazardous industrial locations.  I will concentrate on expanding my horizons, photographically-speaking.  I hope you will continue to follow me when I make my photographs and present them to you and I look forward to hearing from you . . . I would like to know that you are also enjoying my passion with me.

This year, I am also starting work on several personal photography projects; more on these as they kick off in March.

To you, my family members, followers, photog and personal friends, I wish you all a Happy and Prosperous New Year 2020!

Cheers, Rick

Your Lens, Near and Far.

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Rick Ogrodzinski is an accomplished photographer specializing in Event Photography, Family Gatherings, Portraiture and Street Photography.  Capitalizing on his degree and long experience as a Chemical Engineer, he is detail-oriented in his photography . . . his “passion”. You will never meet Rick without his camera!

Residing near the historic Rideau Canal in the Township of Rideau Lakes, Rick is also a member of the Rideau Lakes Business Network and Photographers Without Borders.

You can visit him and see his work at

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